This page will tell you about the recurring, mysterious Carter Slade.

Statistics[edit | edit source]

Date of Birth: Unknown

Date of Death: 15th August 1891

Height: 5ft11 (estimated)

Weight: 133lbs

Hair Colour: black w/ grey specks

Eye Colour: Brown

Story[edit | edit source]

Nothing is known of his background, only that he has showed up and helped Dan Harlow on many occasions but, on the other hand, he has nearly killed Dan many times. His real name is unknown, people have just named him "Carter Slade" or "The man with no name", Carter has also had a dark past and traumatic upbringing. He always appears in a brown or black duster coat, much like Dans, and a rugged ten gallon hat.

Death[edit | edit source]

Carter Slade sent a letter to Dan Harlow, telling Dan to expect him. He wrote: "Harlow, the time has come for you to fall dead at my feet. Meet me in Mallory's Ranch at 8:00AM. Also, you know what they say: "the old way is the best way"? Lets finish this once and for all. CS." Dan met Slade in the main strip for the duel. To Dans surprise, Slade brought two old swords and rugged steel clothing. They fought for hours. After a while, Dan lunged at Slade and missed, he was sent through the window of the bank. Dan recovered but couldn't fully regain his senses. As he turned Carter brought the sword down, aiming at Harlow's head, Dan lifted his arm as basic instinct. The blow from the sword smashed Dans gauntlet on his forearm, knocking it to the floor. Dan picked up a vase from a nearby set of drawers and hurled it at Slade. It shattered as it made contact with Slades face guard, dazing him. Dan ran at Slade, yelling. He plunged his sharp, shiny blade into Carters throat. Dan, out of respect, buried Slade in the Tumbleweed Mansion cellar... it was now that the ghost rumours would start to spread.

Slade (red)

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