Jerry Baines enjoying a fishing trip

This page will tell you about a legend of the 1870s, Jerry Baines (played by Clint Eastwood).

Statistics[edit | edit source]

Born: November 18th 1825

Died: July 17th 1890 (aged 75) 

Occupation: Owner and cashier of the General Store (1880- 1890)   

Story[edit | edit source]

Jerry Baines (1825-1890) was born in Colorado to a wood cutter and a milkmaid. As a child, Jerry dreamt of being a fearless do-gooder who never gave his name to anyone. This dream would become a reality when a 18 year old Jerry saw his parents gunned down a deranged member of the Bollard Twins Gang: Michael Reese Sr. Reese Sr vanished after that, but a hell-bent Jerry vowed to find him.

After clearing out over 50 gang hideouts, Jerry found Reese Sr and defeated him in a duel. In the duel, Jerry put 2 bullets in his back, 1 for his father and 1 for his mother.

A young Jerry

After some time, a 60 year old Jerry purchased the General Store in Mallory's Ranch which he owned until his death in 1890.

Death[edit | edit source]

On the moring of 23rd November, Jerry opened up the Store which was stormed and ransacked by none other than the Bollard Twins Gang.

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