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Johnny Mallory aged 20

 This page will tell you about the tough-as-nails gun maker that is Johnny Mallory (played by Armie Hammer).


Date of birth: 4th July 1860

Date of death: 22nd August 1891

Age: 31

Occupation: Gun maker


Johnny was born in 1860 to unknown parents, and it should be noted that Johnny's parents go unnamed for the rest of the American Guns series but in the first episode, Johnny references his father (unnamed) saying t
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Johnny's first gun

hat he gave Johnny his first gun which was a Colt 45 Peacemaker. Johnny also states that his father went to prison and Johnny was sent to live with a family friend, Jerry, after Johnny's mother (again unnamed) couldn't cope. In the American Guns TV series, Johnny is married and he runs a gun manufacturing business in Johnny's own ranch of Mallory Ranch. His aging friend, Jerry (played by Clint Eastwood) , runs the local General Store which has a rivalry with the Dixie Rose, a saloon in a canyon next to the ranch. The canyon is inhabited by outlaws, particularly Michael Reese (played by Andrew Garfield), a young troublemaker with a grudge against Johnny. Johnny's wife,
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Johnny's favourite rifle

Bonnie (played by Emma Stone), runs the ranch but doesn't intervene in major storylines.

It is noticeable that as the series progresses, Johnny and Michael's hate for each other intensifies to the point where Michael tries to burn down Jerry's store only to fail and kill Jerry. In Jerry's will, Johnny was given the General Store and Jerry's poker table. He also recieved Jerry's rainy day money. Danny recieved Jerry's axe and Roger was left with Jerry's antique Le-mat Revolver. 


After Jerry's death, Johnny doesn't go after Michael immediately but he buries Jerry and then goes down to the canyon after Michael and his gang with the whole ranch in tow. Johnny's life is ended by Michael Reese but Michael in turn is killed by Roger (played by Colin Hanks) and Danny, Johnny's old friends.

Johnny is buried next to the General Store and in front of the tree at the ranch where he used to play as a child.

Personal LifeEdit

Johnny was diagnosed with asthma at age 3 and with hay fever at age 7.

 After Johnny's DeathEdit

After Johnny died, Bonnie lived on un-married until her death in 1920. It is unknown what became of Roger and Danny.


  • Johnny is based on a character of the same name from a failed project. 
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