Dan as a ranger

This page will tell you about the hunters of Colarado, which includes Dan "Strider" Harlow.

The Rangers of the South, also known as Watchers or simply Rangers, were the last remnant of the Dúnedain who had once populated the northern state of Colarado. The Rangers usually wore grey or dark green cloaks with no identifying ornaments except a six-pointed cloak-clasp in the shape of a star. Another identifying feature was that all of them wore a green longcoat. Equipped primarily with swords and bows, they were quick, versatile, and experienced riders.

History[edit | edit source]

Characteristically elusive and enigmatic, the Rangers spent most of their lives in the wild, visiting towns and villages only on rare occasions. The Rangers were led by Chieftains. Though the Chieftains were designated figures of authority for the Rangers, the scattered people had no official headquarters or capital after the disintegration of their outposts and possibly lived in temporary camps scattered about the wilderness.

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