Roger in his prime

Roger Carson is a retired bank robber and outlaw. He currently resides in Mcfarlane's Ranch with his best friends Johnny Mallory and Dan Harlow. Roger died when he was 90 in 1925.

Early Life[edit | edit source]

Roger was born in Portland,Oregon in 1835. His parents, Valerie and John Carson, were married after Roger was born. Valerie mostly stayed home like a regular housewife whilst John was either in the mines or woking bar shifts. When Roger turned 10 years old he recieved one LeMat Revolver. He was to young to use a gun at the time so his father said "he had to wait".

Outlaw Years[edit | edit source]

in 1852 when Roger was 20, his mother passed away making him alone in terms of family. After this, Roger had officialy left his hometown to pursue his dream of robbing banks. Eventually the law caught up with him and he served a maximum of 18 years in prison before being released and wandering the country in search of work. Throughout his outlaw years, Roger became an exeptional marksman. Being able to shoot 10 bottles from behind using the reflection of a hunting knife within under 15 seconds.  

Life on The Ranch[edit | edit source]

Roger had searched high and low for work but to no avail. Only when he found Mcfarlanes Ranch he then found work. Roger walked into town and met with the ranch owner Johnny Mallory and was told to join him in a blacksmith buisness. Roger has lived on the ranch for a good five years and knows every resident.

Death[edit | edit source]

After the death of friend Johnny Mallory, Roger continued to live alone in the outskirts of the Ranch. He was 90 years of age when some teenage trouble-makers decided to try and rob Roger, he fought them off with his bare hands but died from exhaustion minutes later. His body was found and buried by ranch residents.

Weapons[edit | edit source]

LeMat Revolver: In Roger's childhood, guns were very hard to come-by and therefore were equally popular. Roger recieved his first gun which was a LeMat Revolver, when he reached 18 years he began practising using it but couldn't fully master the accuracy. So Roger started to work and save up his earnings to buy a second gun.

Roger's first gun

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